How to Become a Better Communicator

communicateI once worked as a receptionist in a towing service business and I have a good experience on how it can be challenging to handle frustrated clients. Anyone involved in business knows the importance of establishing good communication channels. Simply talking doesn’t make anyone a better communicator, and just like hearing someone speak doesn’t make one a good listener. And just like in relationships, effective communication is key to healthy relationships.

Here are effective ways that can help you become a better communicator.

Learn to listen

The basis of all good communication lies on active listening. If you are not paying a keen attention to what others are saying, chances of you responding effectively will be very minimal. You need to place a key focus on what your conversation partner is saying. If possible, you have to repeat mentally to ensure that you understand the points they are putting across.

Pay attention to body language

body languageYou need to pay attention to the body language of the person communicating with. See if they are standing still or if they ate fidgeting. Are they smiling or yawning? You should also pay attention to your own body language. Does your words show confidence? Is the expression on your body language expressing nervousness? These are the things your conversation partner will pick up and determine or they will speak to you.

Observe communication context

You need place a keen observation on how other people ate communicating in different context. There is need to understand your audience. If you are giving presentation at work, you should study how others approach it. You can also watch videos on how businessmen and professionals approach different communications points. If you are nervous about how to communicate in a group of people, seek advice from others who have done it.


Use a Confident language

First, you should not be afraid should you encounter some little bit of silence. Occasional lapses in communication are very normal, and this means you should not sweat. Even if you are not feeling confident, you can as well sound confident. Avoid using filler words such as ‘um’, as these slow down your speech and show you are not confident.


Ask Questions

You need to ask for clarification questions. This means you stand a better chance of ensuring your audience understand what you have told them. In case of an argument, you need to find common grounds. You have to find a shared opinion or interest opinion with your conversation partner, as this is a great strategy or reaching a middle ground.


Be Prepared

For anything you are presenting to people, you must be prepared. Having a clear understanding of the subject makes it easy for you to communicate your ideas clearly with others. If you are preparing for an interview or job, ensure you are quite familiar with the position in the company you want to join. If you are giving a presentation, have a good understanding of the topic. Listen to your audience and talk about things that interest them.





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