What Makes a Perfect Wedding Day?


wedMany brides and grooms start preparing their wedding with the question ‘what makes a perfect wedding day’ in mind. Many different types of marriages exist, including traditional, religious, civil, contemporary among others. When planning your wedding, factors such as time of the year, the available budget and venue will set the stage for how the wedding will turn out to be. Your wedding day will pass so quickly. For that reason, you need to ensure that you can enjoy every moment.

To help you experience the best wedding ever, we have gone in depths to compile sure fire tips that will get your guests impressed.


Keep the wedding ceremony brief

When your friends and family come to your wedding, all they want to see is you getting married. No one wants to watch a marriage that goes till dawn. Apart from entrance and exit issues, keep the actual wedding proceedings short, at most about 30 minutes. Keeping a wedding short helps to keep everyone’s attention in check.


Choose a Personalized Program

WeddingWhile focusing on the subject of the wedding, you should never forget to create a wedding program for your guests. You need to personalize the program with exciting details about who you and your groom are. Additionally, you need to break down the proceedings of the ceremony and any other valuable information your guests need to know. Depending on where your friends and guests are coming from, it may be essential to include a translation. In case the event runs a little rate, device ways to keep them busy.


Welcome Out of Town Guests

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a hometown bash or a destination wedding; the fact remains that some of your guests had to travel to attend your event. For this reason, it makes a lot of sense if you appreciate them by providing some wedding bags and organizing their accommodation. Don’t forget to include some few snacks, drinks, bottles of water and food. You may also consider availing to them information on where restaurants, drug stores, coffee shops, etc. are located.

Greet Each Guest

It may sound obvious, but this is not always the case. It is important to get personal with each guest who comes to your wedding day. Greeting them is an excellent way of showing appreciation. Once the celebration is underway, do your level best to greet and chat with them over a cocktail, at dinner or even getting loose on the dance floor.

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